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When will we win an MWC football title?


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Looking at TCU this week, Boise St. earlier, in the past several years Utah/BYU, times have changed. It takes a legitimate top 10 (maybe top 15 in a down year) team to win the MWC. We're no where near that level right now, when will we get there? Hopefully in my lifetime.
Let's see, in my life I've witnessed at least 4 conference titles and I'm just over 40. That is an average of once every 10 years. Things have changed since out last title (our longest stretch), but college football is cyclical. Utah and CSU got their first titles in years in the early 2000's. BYU has been the only consistent team as far as staying on top and look at them this year.

We'll get back and think we are one our way. I'll say 2 to3 years.

Go Pokes!!
We will win the MWC title in 2014. We'll come close in 2012 with ACS as a senior. We'll need 2013 to get the new guy into the swing, and 2014 we'll have stud linemen and a great QB.
I agree 2014 is when we will too, but i also think we make a push in 2012 with ACS as a senior as well as AA Gary Muhammid Mcneil, Tooley if he is on the team still? and many more play makers
If Dave Christensen stays around then I say we may have a chance in two to three years, but if he leaves for a bigger school then it may be never. We need stability to win a title and if we have to change coaches then we will not have that stability.
I say 2 years after we fill our roster and start having to readshirt ALL our recruits. How is that for vague?

Agreed, I think DC and his program can get it done.
I give it another 2-3 years. Enough time to truly impliment his system, get the players he needs, and has had a chance to build some depth on both sides of the ball.
I guess the most surprising thing to me is that we only have 66 players on scholarship. There were some defections and that is expected to some degree. It is just my opinion, but I'm guessing DC and his staff aren't just recruiting players to fill up the roster and available scholarships. Instead they are looking for only players that can play at this level in his system. I think we are about 2 or 3 years away from having a team with the players he needs.

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