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Was just told that SDSU is bringing their Cheerleaders...


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They are 1 & 7 and bringing their Cheerleaders? All the way to Wonderful Wyoming? Interesting! Maybe they really have rallied the troops?
Ok, THAT might get me to reconsider skipping the game! Maybe Burman asked SDSU to bring them to help us out on attendance.
Speaking of cheerleaders, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but have you noticed that we have two or three cheerleaders that are about twice the size of your average everyday college cheerleader? What gives?
I have noticed... There is one cheerleader with thighs bigger than any lineman on the team.... :o It's bad enough that our football team sucks but we should at least expect our cheerleaders to give us some hope!
Maybe we should have the cheerleaders play...

GOD No! That happened four years ago when our lights refused to turn on for the Utard game.

Wait a minute, we are on to something here. Lets move our last two games to night time starts, short out the lights, then we won't have to watch the train wreck that is Wyoming Football.

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