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This is why Utah has been my #1 most hated. BYU is #2.


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Kyle Wittingham is classless! If someone guarantees a win, I think destroying glenn's team said plenty.
yeah, I'm trying to work on it. I clicked "youtube" and then pasted the embedded stuff from youtube, but it doesn't seem to work. I'll keep trying
Whit is a moron, but he has really grown up in my opinion since this. He was stupid for saying that.

I decided I hate the fans 10 x more than Whit now.
My problem is that I really hate Whit, but Bronco seems like a really good dude. I hate having a good dude coaching my enemy. Either way, I just wish we could pull a triple and beat CSU, Utah and BYU in one season. Hell, maybe I should just go for beating CSU and at least one of the utah teams.

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