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This from CJC Facebook: Texas Shipping in Fine China


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Texas is shipping in 268 pieces of fine china, they refuse to eat off of the Hilton's plates. Let's show them what its REALLY like to be COWBOY TOUGH!
Another update: We typically provide 800 lbs of ice and 300 towels. UT required us to give them 1600 lbs of ice, 600 towels, and special electrical outlets for their nike cooling vests. They also don't want our Gatorade, as they ship their own "special" blend. It's a the difference between Texas' $110 million budget and our $23 million.
I don't have the link handy, just what I read off of the Cowboy Joe Club's Facebook wall posts. If you have a Facebook acct you can search for "Joe Cowboy" or "Cowboy Joe Club" and they'll pop up.
We need to ask for a bunch of crazy shit when we go down there. What a bunch of prima-donnas. Damn, I am glad I live in Wyoming.
You make this sound like its all about our team. The plates and stuff are for ALUMNI. They are bringing in fans by the bus load for a Texas Exes party at that hotel, they probably take the china everywhere. Big deal.

And if you knew what has happened to our team on some road trips when it comes to service and such, you would take your own stuff too. Especially when you can.
There's been a couple of problems in the past.

A few years ago when we played at A&M, their hotel just somehow forgot to serve a pre-game meal for an entire football team. They all had to scramble to find fast food.

Have had hotel members give out phone numbers of the players rooms so people call them all night before the game.

Just a bunch of stupid stuff. I'm not surprised the least bit that we ship most of our stuff with us. It's just to bad you guys wont be able to see our "truck" that usually makes most road trips.
TexasFight said:
You make this sound like its all about our team. The plates and stuff are for ALUMNI.

OK, then your ALUMNI are prima donnas! :lol:

I'm joking, you learn from past experiences, if you don't trust things will be up to your standards, what other choice do you have. I wouldn't trust a thing in Ft. Collins, Provo, Salt Lake, NM, Vegas, etc.
We've had more than one problem in College Station. One year, several of our players got food poisoning due to hotel food........and we're pretty sure that it was not a coincidence.
I don't see what the big deal is - we always request a lot more beer on hand for CJC events than they plan for other teams. Just ask Little America in SLC!
CowboyCO said:
I don't see what the big deal is - we always request a lot more beer on hand for CJC events than they plan for other teams. Just ask Little America in SLC!

Thats the truth...and ask anyone involved with the T&M in Vegas about Wyoming fans at the MWC Hoops Tourney...WOW!
So you can understand the travel squad's frustration when we go on the road, from go wyo.com:

5 Simple Reasons Wyoming Will Win on Saturday Reply
I see a shootout shaping up, with Wyoming sneaking out a 45-43 type victory. Here's why:

1. This whole size differential is very much overblown. Anyone who went to the Tennessee game last year and sat fairly close to the field could see the extreme difference in size between our opposing lines. It didn't seem to bother the Pokes much then, and I don't think it will matter much on Saturday. Granted, Tennessee was much worse than Texas, but this Wyoming team is much better than the one that went to Knoxville last year.

2. The offense we saw against Weber State is not the offense we'll see against Texas. I imagine we'll see several different formations and more direct snap stuff, especially to Alexander.

3. Many of our skill players are in the first year in the program and haven't learned how to lose yet. Benjamin, ACS, Alexander, Gray, and others carrying a lot of the water for us didn't have to go through the shit show that was Wyoming football over the past four years. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

4. Altitude. They can pretend it won't be an issue all they want, but those fat pigs on the Texas o-line are going to be hollering and screaming for oxygen by the third quarter. We've all seen it happen. Fatigue makes cowards of us all. With as fast as our offense operates, and with English probably taking a page from the Breske playbook and blitzing every down, we are going to see some wheezing on the west sideline. They're bringing special blend Gatorade and oxygen blowers for a reason.

5. I am staying in the same hotel as the Texas team on Friday night. This is a significant problem for them. I have already figured out which room McCoy has. I'm not going to be an ass and post it online, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that I am sneakier when it comes to this stuff than the next guy.

So what I did is I went down to Greeley last week and took some high-fidelity digital audio recordings of cattle being slaughtered. The bleating and the bellowing from the animals is almost too much to handle, especially when played back through two Cerwin-Vega's with 15" subwoofers.

That's what the Texas skill players will be hearing ALL NIGHT LONG. Cows dying. Slaughter. Death. Screaming!

I am also working on a sabotage mission on the hotel's heating and ventilation system. Everyone should be nice and dehydrated by the time they take the field in 7200 feet of thin air.

If you can find someone who will take a moneyline bet, get down on Wyoming. It is going to be a long day (and night) for the Longhorns.
It seems like every fan base has this kind of fan. This will never happen - this fan is just running his mouth. If someone in Laramie tried something like that the cops would be all over him before he knew what happened. Besides that, Texas bought out the Hilton - there were no rooms for any one else.
OrediggerPoke said:
TheCup is by far my favorite person to read on gowyo. Haha thats awesome!

I agree...when I used to frequent. A friend sent me an e mail with a link last night...got it this morning...it looked like a junior high school dick measuring contest was going on between Texas fans, and a few not-so-well-spoken UW fans (on that site). It is absolutely hilarious, and at the same time, kind of embarrassing. It is the exact stuff Ian wanted to avoid on "his" board by going pay-site only, yet 100x worse. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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