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The Arrogance of BYU....

I think it's funny how many BYU fans already started trolling that article, trying to claim that San Diego people are somehow jealous of BYU.

Why anybody would pick Provo over San Diego sure beats me. I love the mountains, but I sure don't love LDS-filled mountains.
I can agree on this....I think Thompson has done BYU a favor by demolishing the WAC. BYU stands to lose a lot and the MWC will stay status quo or gain.

Right now, the MWC does not have a BCS aq status and lets be real, its a long shot to ever get one with or without BYU.

A highly ranked MWC champion will likely recieve an at large BCS bid for years to come even without BYU although they will need to get one more quality win instead of counting on beating BYU (again, how many BCS games/revenue has BYU brought?).

We get another regional rival in Reno and and old rival in Fresno....big bonus for SDSU and UNLV.

BYU will have to run the table to get a BCS game....just like they'd have to do in the MWC.
At first I didn't want BYU to go, but now I'm more than willing to let them walk away with their noise in the air. Their arrogance is tremendous and there is no better evidence to that then reading the MWC Board. They don't see any wrong with the way they have handled things. No one is going to deny their right to look out for what is best for them, but it is the way they have gone about it that is wrong.

The MWC will go on as a very strong conference regardless if BYU is in it or not. We can't let a school in the conference hold us hostage or we will become the BIG XII with Texas. Then again BYU does absolutely nothing for this conference from a huge recruiting base. That is why the BIG XII schools cater to Texas's every need. They know their life blood is recruiting the State of Texas and if Texas left and you weren't joining with them... you were screwed.

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