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Texas Tickets for sale

I don't understand the apathy in being a part of UW football history. Can you image 20 years from now a current UW student saying I could have been there when we played the #2 team in the nation, but I didn't go get my FREE ticket. We may never get the #1 team in the nation to Laramie, if you were to only go to one football game in your entire college career in Laramie this is definitely the one to go to. I guess the current UW students just don't understand.

Beside the ranking, I don't think we have an offensive player of this caliber play at the War since Marshall Faulk came in our WAC days (Sorry Alex Smith, you may have been the #1 draft pick, but McCoy and Faulk are lightyears ahead of you). Even to casual football fans Colt McCoy is (or will be) a household name - he was robbed of the Heismann last year in a very good year for 3 great QBs. :?
I read somewhere that there are between 8000-9000 full time athletic fee paying students. It said the rest of the students are with Outreach programs, on sattelite campuses, or non-full time students. The tickets were only available for free, to the full time athletic fee paying students. I personally witnessed, while in-line, 5 different grad students who had student id's get turned away because they are not full time grad students. Even so 6300 of the student tickets were given away. Which means between 70%-80% of the full time UW students on the Laramie campus are going to the game. I don't think that is that bad of an amount and I bet you would be hard pressed to find another college with that kind of numbers.

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