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stadium pics


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I just saw on the uw athletics site an updated pics file. I have a question to anyone that might know. Is it gonna be a mess when we get down there for the first home game or will it be pretty cleaned up? Anyone know? It looks like there is a ton of work to do.
My impression is that it would be pretty cleaned up - luckily, the first game is Weber State and not Texas
I've heard cleaned up, but since it won't be complete until 2010 its still going to have a construction site feel IMO. It will be a nice addition once its complete. Just too bad this is the season that construction is happening. We are losing probably over 1000K seats in revenue for the Texas game, in the end the stadium will look nice, but still bad bad luck timing IMO.
It is my understanding that around 1500 temporary seats in the form of bleachers will be installed by the Texas game. Basically what was there before as the Knot Hole section.

As for having a construction zone during football season, I don't think it could have been avoided in any case, given that it was going to take about 18 months regardless. So at least one season would have to be affected.

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