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Player of the Week

MrTitleist said:
Is there even a discussion here... actually... do we nominate Alvester or Biezuns?
Give it to the entire team, they all earned it! Both the line's played an outstanding game today
AA all the way. I'll give credit to ACS for 7 well executed passing plays. 4 were completions and, the most impressive, 3 that he threw away rather than take a sack.
I updated the main page w/ the picks! I gave it to both Biezuns and Alvester.. oddly, both were nominated MWC POTW. A two'fer this week.
PokePride.com said:
Give it to DC for not pulling the starters and just shoving it deeper down the sheep's throats.

There was some bitching about that (not pulling the starters / playing the seniors) in another thread...

My dime...about fucking time UW put their foot on somebody's throat and didn't let up. Been MANY years since any of us had seen that...like more than 10, probably 12 or so. And it couldn't have come against a better opponent!

My only wish is that Hendricks fumble recovery would have been called right on the field, and we would have actually caught the Lammie deflected pass at the CSewe 35, and not botched the extra point, because 59 to 0 sounds even better.

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