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WyoNation Photo Gallery


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Alright my loyal posters, I'm setting you out on a mission this year. I want to build up a WyoNation Photo Gallery for something I want to work on during the next offseason. I want to see your pics at various Cowboy/Cowgirl sporting events. I want it to be built by you, the visitors of this site. And since I can't be there in person, I want you guys to be my eyes, I want to see it all. The War, the AA, the players, yourselves at the games if you're so inclined, the tailgating, you name. When we get enough, we'll work on setting up a photo gallery on the main page. Anyone game?
I'm in! Would be great to have a good photo database for UW fans to use for projects. Do you want them compressed down to a certain size, or will original size be ok?
I haven't looked at the software yet to see if it has limitation, but I would say original would be good then I can work w/ it from there.
Let's get some WyoNation T-shirts and get some Tailgate party pics at some point this season.. Just an Idea
I won't have t-shirts when I come down, but I'll have some pics from there. I was gonna try to get some caps made, but I doubt I can have them done in time.
How do you want the pics? Emailed, a link to my flickr page, etc? I have a few from the Texas game you may want to use.
You can post the link to your Flickr if you want. That'd be best for now until I can get the pics section working.

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