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WyoNation.com Players of the Week


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So... players of the week vs. San Diego St.? Let's nominate a guy for offense and defense. Have until Tuesday. Throw 'em out there!
Let's see, we have one vote for D Mo and one vote for the OL. I'm tempted to vote for Stutzreim, but with D Mo running for well over 200 yards, I have to give D Mo my vote on offense. On defense, it is real close between Dobbs and Fletcher. I vote for Fletcher who had 4 solo tackles, 6 total, 2 sacks, 2 thrown for loss plays, and 1 pass breakup, and he did all that with a high ankle sprain.
I vote for the the entire rushing game on offense (everybody involved with it deserves props), on defense I say Dobbs, hard to ignore what Fletch did, but Dobbs played solid all game and was the motor that kept the defense fired up, especially on all those goal line stands.

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