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WyoNation...Be Cautious...


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Somebody may be messing with y'all. Don't believe everything you read, hear, tweet, twot, whatever. ;)
What do you know? Don't just say don't believe everything if you don't have any news to contradict the other stuff. Tell us what you know.
So are ya saying that Burman, Buchanan, and an assistant AD aren't the only ones getting off the plane?
The next head coach of the Wyoming Cowboys... Michael Jordan!!! :rofl:

Well maybe he would be a better coach than he is as an owner or GM!!!
gopokes1399 said:
We would get some good recruits

From what I've heard about Jordan, he would be spending all his time at the Clown's den. I have'nt been there in years. Is it still open?
Lots of contradictory stuff being posted. SportsbyBrooks (or whatever his name is) says Kennedy was offered the job but turned it down because Burman wouldn't give him a six-year contract and let him bring four juco players with him.
Today, according to Schmoldt, Murray State AD says that no one from Wyoming has contacted him asking for permission to talk to Kennedy.
MrTitleist said:
I trust Brooks about as far as I can throw him.
Ditto. Unfortunately, there are many Wyoming fans who are eating his crap up. Does anyone know who we've offered, who has rejected the offer, etc? I think we'll end up with a solid coach (hopefully on the top 5 wish list) and MOST will be happy.
Word is that nobody got off of the plane with the 3....however it is being reported in Virginia papers that Wyoming did in fact interview Blaine Taylor yesterday. I also hear from the rivals board that there is a private jet leaving for Eugene, OR today as well (Ernie Kent lives there, Mike Dunlap has lots of family out there). I feel confident that if we get Blaine Taylor, Mike Dunlap, Ernie Kent or Billy Kennedy that Wyoming basketball in a about 2 years will be a respectable team!

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