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Wyoming is holding the MWC down!

Nice bit of trolling, but I'll bite.

Football isn't god. SDSU has had a good men's bball team for a while. TCU has had a horrible men's bball team for a while. As of late, except this year if fball, CSU has had worse football and bball teams than UW.

I'm pretty sure UW has done well in women's basketball recently (NIT title, NCAA bid). Our men's basketball team isn't exactly horrible either. Football has some good OCC wins even though their in-conference record hasn't been good (lets see, wins at Tenn and at Miss St., home against VA and Miss St.) Before smacking on the Tenn victory, lets not forget National Champ Contender Utah BARELY beat a 3-9 Michigan team (uh, Tenn was 5-7).

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