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wyo week classic


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So I sit down to watch some of wyo week on the mtn and the homecoming game from 5 yrs ago againt utah is on. Got me thinking how I missed this game when it was actually played, but how my cell was blowing up all the time thru the game. This was my first year outta laramie and all my buddies kept updating me from the game. Now finally getting to see this man I wish I could have been there for that. Hopefully this years game is just like this.
Yeah I missed it too as it was my first year out of college, and the game I picked to go to that year was the next game, the border war. That game we shut out CSU 24-0 so I cannot complain but I wish I could of made both of those games, two great one for the pokes!
Yup seen this game a number of times and can't turn it off such an awesome game.

87-88 Throwbacks from the Holiday Bowl!
Wyo2dal said:
87-88 Throwbacks from the Holiday Bowl!

I wish UW would make them the permanent unis. I have never too crazy about the uniforms after Tiller left.
I know I'm prolly gonna get it for this but oh well. I liked the yellow unis the pokes had during glenn's last season as coach. I thought those were cool looking
Just seeing them on the field is good enough for me. I have preferences but as long as they are beating teams in blue, red and green, I'll be happy.

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