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WYO vs New Mexico Mens/Womens


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Womens game starts @ 12pm Mens game will follow it I'll have the stream on for both games.

Both of these dudes are live-tweeting the game. Don't need an acct to follow their Tweets
Pokes are winning because New Mexico can't hit from the Charity Stripe if that changes were in trouble.

61-58 w/4 left
Wyo 67 NM 66 Cruz with the buzzer beater to win the game, 01 seconds on the clock when he got the shot off.
Could not Tweet like I would have liked too, game was to d@mn goo so I was just being a fan in the stands... Cruz was mobbed by his teammates after the game. It was unreal he made the winning shot like he was playing volleyball just pushed the ball back up with .4 seconds left and it went in and the whole place went wild.

This was one Hell of a game!!!
No joke I almost fucking cried when that shot went in. Best thing to happen as a cowboy fan in years.
Go Pokes!
Fire Heath!
Quality coaching! I'm sorry. It's not. I really want to know what heath and his asst's talk about before they huddle with the team during a timeout, because it can't be defense or an offensive play for that matter. During each timeout at the end of the game they would talk to each other for at least a full minute or two before they would talk to the kids. What makes me wonder is because when they came back out the defense didn't change, and we decided "one on one" basketball was the key to winning five trips down in a row. So we get shitty shots, and they go and make it. We run the clock down again and get a shitty shot, and they come back for another good shot. Being a coach and also playing I'm curious why you would not continue to do what was working for you all game long, and decide to go one on one, when you see it doesn't work, over and over and over again!
Great win! Shared the joy, and immediately began feeling pissed that Shroyer will get credit for the win, when he's the one that almost lost it.

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