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WYO Vision YouTube Channel


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I can't find the thread that I posted in previously, but I did email the WYO Vision email and got the following response:

Thanks for your email...sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. The wyovideo email isn’t my primary account, it’s more so used for creating product accounts that our entire video department utilizes (Adobe, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc).

One of the reasons we have stopped using YouTube is that they have made it pretty hard to have an account with multiple users (for instance, every time someone from my staff tries to log-in, I have to click a notification on my personal phone to let them log on...not ideal).

The other reason is that we have started to focus more on our other social media accounts (this is an industry-wide trend). Everything we produce is on one or more of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (on both the Main Athletics Department and specific sport program accounts).

In addition, highlights, features and press conferences are posted to GoWyo.com. You can find them all at this link (under the On-Demand tab).


I hope this helps! I really appreciate you watching and enjoying our content as our creative staffs put in a ton of time and effort to bring it to you!

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