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I really do hate Heath Schroyer and Tom Burman. I hardly care about Wyoming basketball anymore... definitely didn't think that would ever happen.
I feel bad for the players. I think there's a lot of raw individual talent, but these guys look lost most of the time. The rebounding is atrocious. They always only seem to have one guy near the basket going for a rebound, and even when they have more, they don't get good position, and guys rebound around them. So, because these kids haven't been coached well, they lose, and lose bad, and we fans don't want to watch and have difficulty supporting it. I'm just concerned that Schroyer may get some leniency because of the injuries, and that would be unfortunate.
TwoTone said:
The defense today was pathetic. I was embarrassed to be in the crowd.

I was lucky I was not in the crowd for this one I was in Cheyenne at the in-laws... hold on did I just say that? That is how bad Cowboy basketball has become, I am now comparing to spending a day at the in-laws. Can it get much worse? :brick:
socalpoke82 said:
I think there's a lot of raw individual talent

Will people please quit saying this? We suck mainly because we have players who suck. Yes, Schroyer is deficient as a coach, but his biggest flaw is his recruiting. Bad players are going to provide bad results. Always have, always will. We don't have a single player who would start for the top 5 teams in the MWC. Yes, that includes Jackson.
I agree. We do have kids with great individual talent. That's why they are great "street ballers"! They don't know how to play as a team. If you watch you watch "street ball " defense. Just stand in front of the guy if he dribbles by, we don't guard, we simply let him go by. No help defense. And All we do is one on one Offense.
Sounds pretty shitty. And no rebounding either. They stand and watch the ball go up, instead of getting position to get the ball on a missed shot. That's why so many teams we've faced this year kill us on Offensive rebounds and put backs.
I was lucky I was not in the crowd for this one I was in Cheyenne at the in-laws... hold on did I just say that? :brick:

Wow, I didn't realize it was that bad. I thought fans were just not showing up but this poor soul has just admitted he'd rather spend time with the in-laws than watch Wyoming Basketball. I think if Burman knew it was this bad he'd make drastic changes immediately.

Really doesn't matter if our players suck or the coach sucks, its all on Heath's shoulders. Probably both to be honest with you.

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