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Would Shyatt be interested in hanging a banner

Cowboy Junky

Well-known member
for our Helms Foundation national championship we won in 1934. I think it's well earned. Hell, if they have to, put "Helms Foundation National Champions" on it so no one gets confused.

Yeah, it's ancient history, but it's history Wyoming earned. It needs to be displayed.

Someone with Burman or Shyatt's ear need to push this forward.

While they're at it, they could improve upon the National Championship banner already there. The thing needs to be a giant glorious bastard that attracts everyones attention.
It should be hung in the AA, no doubt. Not sure if Shyatt can facilitate that...and as far as Burman goes, forget it. Best bet would be Buchanan probably.
They have the banner. It was up for a few seasons, but removed about the time the WNIT banner went up, and items slid over.

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