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Why not sell the name of the A-A?


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If the athletic department really wants to make more money, why not sell the naming rights for the Arena-Auditorium?

(the name is stupid anyway)

Hopefully they would pay for the cost for any renovations - and those renovations (with suite boxes) would generate extra funds - similar to the Wildcatters for the War.

If Ford is willing to sponsor the War parking lot, why wouldn't it buy naming rights for the arena?
I agree. I don't want the name of "War Memorial Stadium" or "Jonah Field" sold, but I have never cared for "Arena-Auditorium." I would vote to sell the rights to the basketball stadium and get some of those funds towards improvements or higher pay for a new basketball coach.
Tampax Super Absorbent Arena. But thats just for this team since they are a bunch of pussies
If I had the money my company would buy the naming rights and it would be the "Dome of Doo" or the "Doo Doo Dome."

If I do but the naming rights can I also have the rights to fire and hire a coach? :D
Valid question here though...why hasn't UW whored out to name the AA???? It is really beyond me, and goes against the "whoring way of thinking" that Smiley & TB have been so up on.
McPeachy said:
Valid question here though...why hasn't UW whored out to name the AA????

I'm with everyone here, it should have been done a long time ago. But I think there's two problems.

1 - I remember something about any particular donor needing to front like 80% of the cost of renovation to put their name on the building. I don't have any documents to prove that, but I remember having this conversationin school and the AD (Moon I think) giving an answer to that effect. I just don't think there are many donors who see that much value in having a building in Laramie named after them.

2 - Even if there was a donor with deep enough pockets (even a corporate group), the product on the court just isn't good enough - and hasn't been for quite a while. At least on the men's side, and the women's side isn't the dollar - or recognition - generator. The AD missed thier chance to do this several years ago when the team was decent.

Just my opinion here, but I think a consistently better product on the floor will lead to these types of opportunities. And then the AD can "whore away." :o Maybe someday....


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