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Where is East_Popcorn_Nutsack at these days?


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Hey EPN...my 21 & 9 prediction doens't look too bad right now, does it? My "have patience with Heath approach" doesn't look bad right now either, does it?

3 Games left, all winnable.

AFA at the Academy
bWHYu at the AA
NM at the AA

We need fans out in mass on 3/4 and 3/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get on the bandwagon EPN, or you may miss something you will regret!

Come on Nutsack boy, where are you now? You loved the opportunity to stick it in my face, so here it is...your turn.

2 Left, Both At Home, Both Winnable. 20 & 10 is a reality, and again EPN, pretty close to my 21 & 9 prediction prior to the Utard State game...much closer than your pathetic prediction of 16 & 14.

The Prediction, FYI >>>
CSewe in Laramie (WIN) - Yes we won
AFA in Laramie (WIN) - Yes we won
BwhyU in Provostan (LOSS) - Yes we lost
NM in Alb (LOSS) - Yes we lost
Utah in Laramie (WIN) - Whoops we lost
SDSU in SD (TOSS) - Yes we lost
UNLV in Laramie (TOSS) - Yes we won
TCU in Laramie (WIN) - Yes we won
CSewe in FartC (TOSS) - Yes we won
AFA in CS (WIN) - Yes we won

BYU in Laramie (TOSS)
NM in Laramie (TOSS)


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