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What's Big, Orange, and clucks like a chicken?



Syracuse University forked over $200,000 today to the U. of Wyoming, so they wouldn't have to come to Laramie in 2009 and lose. This after we went to their place last year. Looking to the future schedule, I sure hope that the Athletic Dept. puts a much larger "poison pill" provision into the contracts, so all these home-and-home series we have planned (all of the on the road for the first season) don't do the exact same thing.
haha... see, this has gotten Montana in trouble.. we have a bad habit of buying out of games on the road because we make A TON of money playing at home ($450,000) as opposed to the road ($125,000'ish).. so we buy 'em out, then rape someone at home. We bought out Hofstra two years ago... man they were pissed. We bought out South Dakota St. this year.. they were pissed as well. So yeah, buying out is not all it's cracked up to be. That's pretty weak those wieners couldn't make it to Laramie though.

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