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What will it take, for Heath to remain employed at UW?


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20 wins? More than 20 wins (becuause the schedule is similar to Gillette High's)? NIT? The Dance? MWC Champ? MWC Tourney Champ?

I am wondering what you all think. Does Burman come to Heath's aid and protect him, if Heath just merely shows improvement? How far will Burman stick out his neck? What about fan / booster pressure (not that UW pays much attention to fans)?
Kind of nice to talk about something other than league exapansion!

IMO, Schroyer's done regardless, unless he somehow makes it to the dance (miracle run in the MWC tourney) or manages to go deep in the NIT (not likely). I think Burman's stuck his neck out far enough, and the ax is getting ready to fall for one of them, and it won't be Burman.

You say that UW rarely pays attention to fans, but they do pay attention to revenue. And they did pay attention to fans when Mac was fired. I don't see how Burman can justify his buddy any longer, and it's time to get someone in there who can coach kids up. It's just too bad they waited too long to hire Boyle...

fromolwyoming said:
About the only Schroyer could do that is if he won the national championship with an undefeated season.

Quite frankly, that is how I "feel" as well...but I don't think that is how things are going to shake out...meaning...if Heath wins 20 games, makes it into the semi's or finals in the MWC championship, with or without and NIT bid after that, I think Burman will stick his dick out for a slapping (again) to protect his boy.
I think he'll need to get us to the NIT at a minimum and finish in the top 5 in conference. This will show Burman some improvement and that is good considering we only lose on player next year.

If he doesn't get us to at least the NIT, he needs to be gone.
Id be ok with a top three finish, honestly I believe he shoulda been axed after last season, but a top three would be good enough to save him for another season. Do I have any confidence in this happening??? :whistle:
Personally, I'd be ok with another year of Schroyer if he got us to the NIT this year. In my opinion, that would be a pretty good accomplishment with a semi-young team and a sign that good things are to come. Where things get interesting is if we make one of those "other" tournaments like the CBI. To me, that wouldn't be enough, but all that really matters is...is it enough for Burman?
I would need him giving me a million dollars and having his wife give me a daily blowjob before I would even consider wanting him around even after a 20 win season. I hate that mook
The son of a bitch should be gone now. He will give Burman another blowjob and then given an extension in return. All the while, he will be whoring himself out for any open job in the country. I am boycotting this next season until Burman shows me that he has a spine.

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