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Week 10 News - 27 Oct 2008


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"Outlaw" shows streaks of success for UW, despite 54-7 loss (R. Gagliardi - WTE)
Done in again (B. Hammond - LB)
New offense gives Cowboys hope (A. Ward - CST)

"You know, TCU is a tough football team," UW coach Joe Glenn said. "We tried hard to make some yards, and then at halftime we were doing a pretty good job and the roof totally caved in. It just doesn't even become a football game anymore." :shock:
What does it become then? Maybe that other game called football...GOOOOAAALLL!!!!! -- Crap, TCU scored again............
Back to the news.

Wyoming report: Moore, Moore, Moore (RMN)
Long defends conservative decision in latest defeat (M. McGrane - SDUnionTribune)
Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings - Greedy Bastards at Work

5. Joe Glenn, Wyoming – After Glenn and his Cowboys got blasted 54-7 by TCU we can only bring in an old cowboy from stage left to let him sing:

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

Yes, that is Dandy Don Meredith doing his thing, but even though Dandy Don is singing, that doesn’t mean Wyoming can’t win another game this season, because they have San Diego State coming to town. Hey, Joe Glenn has had a great career and maybe Wyoming is going to give him one more year in the great wide opens spaces of the state of Wyoming, but there are a lot of very good football coaches around the country (head and assistant coaches) that would walk to Laramie from where they are now sitting for the head coaching job at Wyoming. With the Aztecs coming to town, play hard Cowboys! Win one for ole’ Joe Glenn!

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