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We all need to send more Vinegar

Who wrote this blog and who can we e-mail about it? We should let him know our "too white" team traveled 2000 miles and beat them
BYU at least has some Samoans on their team. Montana is by far the whitest I've seen, team is probably 95% white. AFA can be a pretty white team at times too.
gopokes1399 said:
he said we were too white?

FAU is going to have more speed than the Pokes, and one reason is Wyoming is a pretty white team. That is to be expected in a state that is 93.9 percent white and 1.3 percent black, with most of those blacks in Laramie and on the football and basketball teams.

Haven't seen a team this pale since Southern Utah came to town.

Wyoming has more native americans (2.5 percent) than blacks. Another fun fact: Wyoming has 5.1 people per square mile.

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