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vegas has us at +31 against TCU

7220Fan said:
Not much of a chance to win!

Hate to say it, but UW has ZERO chance to win. None. But, I think we cover the spread...TCU is going to have a bit of a hangover.

Damn, I am super excited for the MWC pillow fight of the year, November 1st, Live in Laramie!!!!
Since we will probably be lucky to score a field goal in this one, the Frogs will only need to score 5 touchdowns to cover...I'm taking TCU and giving the 31 points. Easy money. Sad situation.
7220Fan said:
Peach - you don't think TCU lays 50 on us? I am not so sure about it.

I just thought, what the hell, maybe TCU has a hangover against us, similar to how they were looking ahead when they played CSewe.
Unless I'm mistaken, we haven't covered a spread this year yet. Looking at this line the books still haven't caught up to how pathetic our "offense" is. They get closer every week though
I don't see Wyoming covering this spread. Did you all know that Wyoming is 0-14-1 against the spread the last 15 games? This is the best team we have played this year and its on the road.TCU has the best defense in the country and Wyoming has the worst offense in the country . How will Wyoming score? I doubt they will. TCU will cover this spread easy . Hopefully it won't look as bad as the USC / Washington ST. game. Thats one team we might be able to beat is WSU . WOuld be a good game lol . I can't wait until we name a new coach .
Do that and your kids college fund should grow nicely this weekend. My wallet has enjoyed the pokes not covering the spread this year. Might as well make some money with this team.
We will not score in this game. TCU's defense in unlike anything this dismal team has seen all year. The only question then is, will TCU score 32 or more. My guess is yes.
I think UW can cover if we don't run a single passing play. Even if we 3 and out every series, that's probably only 7 points we'll give up on a punt block. I think our D can keep TCU from scoring more than 24. I'm also making the wild assumption we can keep TCU from scoring on our only kick-off of the game and hoping we punt the ball out of bounds.

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