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Utards scoring 223 while giving up 126 for the season...


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Or...37.17 points for them, 21.0 points for their opponents.

I predict that after Saturday, the Tards will be averaging 39.29, and opponents 18.0.

BUT, UW will get 4.7 yards per carry! Save some whiskey for 1/2 time Poke Fans...
So your predicting 52-0, ouch! Kyle will call off the dogs if he wants to get out of Laramie alive, I doubt it will be that bad, but it sure could get ugly.
I doubt Kyle will call off the dogs. He still needs to catch up with his brothers that higher up the ladder. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to hit 60 just to look better. He isn't a very nice guy especially if there is a bowl waiting for him. I am personally hoping we score a point but that would mean Kyle would have to score 60 for sure then! :(
SnipeyPoke said:
I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to hit 60 just to look better.

I do agree with you that the back of Whittingham's head is out there trying to look good for the voters, but I think that last year's PR debacle for both schools will be at the front of it and he will be ok with a 24-6, or 31-10 score. Many runs up the gut for both teams. Whoo hoo! Looking forward to the whiskey.
I don't think beating us 60-0 would impress any voters. They would be thinking "Who hasn't". It doesn't matter who is ahead in the polls when they meet, undefeated or not, it will matter who wins their game.

If Wyo luck were to infect the MWC; Utah beats BYU, BYU beats TCU, TCU beats Utah, noone from MWC goes to BCS game, but Boise freaking St beats some pathetic Big East or ACC team, ugh.

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