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As usual I'll be hosting the game as long as someone who can't watch it wants to. Game starts @ 3:00pm any other early or late requests for the same day just put them in this thread and I'll see what I can find for you.
You're my HERO!!!! I love living in Alaska...but hate that I can't watch my Cowboys on TV. Maybe when I'm deployed, they'll have more sports channels and I can watch!
Ok I replaced my TV card and upgraded to something slightly better I didn't realize the quality of the stream was so low. You guys should have told me! Anyway if anyone is reading this now please go to the veetle link in my signature and tell me how the quality of the stream is. The card I have still not going to bring the best quality but better then what you have been seeing I will do some research on getting the proper card to supply a proper quality stream.

If you are not familiar with Veetle here is a screenshot and what you can do.


Button on the far rightis the full screen button, button to the left of that is a size button, You can change how it looks in full screen I suggest trying each one until you find a good full screen view.
Watching it now and it looks better then the TV at my friends that i watch the games at thanks for casting it :D
Ya the other TV card I had was broadcasting 352X288 no wonder stretched it looked like crap this one is broadcasting 720X480 I'm going to do some more researching and see what better TV card I can get to produce even better results.

Appears it has become quite the popular channel on Veetle avg between 30-60 users during football time. Might have to make it a private stream to keep the quality in tact.
Well make sure to tell us the password i got it streaming on my 40Inch with the fam and i dont want to be murdered for not showing the cowboy game :p
CSU game looks good! It was a bit choppy at full screen, but probably because I'm wireless.
MrTitleist said:
CSU game looks good! It was a bit choppy at full screen, but probably because I'm wireless.

Could be that I have nearly 100 people on the channel ATM.
Wyo2dal said:
Ugh this game is starting to look really bad.

Defense can't stop anybody and the offense can't move the ball. You aren't going to beat many teams when thats the case. We are so far away from being a MWC championship caliber team it isn't even funny. UW sports has been one of the most frustrating things in my short life.

Even if we manage to win 4 more games and go to a bowl, I just won't be happy with this season. Hell, I would have taken a lesser record and no bowl trip as long as we were an improved team. The reality of things is that we are a worse football team this year than we were last year. If there is one thing I've learned about college football, it is that the first game will predict the season outcome 99% of the time. We all probably should have known when SUU put a scare into the Pokes in a home night game.

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