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TV crew is in the stadium...


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...unfortunately only 10 cars in the main parking lot.

This game is scary as hell now. It seems that the home team never wins these type of games, especially us.

I completely agree... remember that one game they had to stop because of weather a year or so ago (was it against NM?), and then Wyoming came out completely flatfooted and got dominated after having spent the break in the indoor practice facility?
i cant remember who that was against but im 85% sure i was at that game the delay was for about 1-2 hours... it may have been NM or AF i can not remember
Either way, not having many home fans there is going to be a HUGE disadvantage. Their qb is not going to have any problem at all with getting everybody on the same page for their plays. Hopefully a LOT of Wyoming fans stayed in town overnight, but I'm not banking on it.

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