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Thoughts on Scrimmage Today


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All 3 QB's saw the same amount of action. I know a lot of people won't believe this, but Dax Crum looked the best of the 3 QB's. I only recall him having two incomplete passes on roughly 10 attempts. Karsten Sween came in a very close second. Both Sween and Crum had a touchdown pass and neither Sween or Crum threw an interception. Suprisingly, both Sween and Crum looked adequate running the football. Sween took a couple of sacks. Those tend to be drive killers. I would say Crum had roughly 50 yards rushing on a handful of carries. I've heard a lot of good things about Adam Barry, but he didn't show well today at all. He had two turnovers (1 interception and 1 fumble). My guess is he was hovering around a 50% completion ratio. He took a few sacks as well and didn't have any runs as long as either Crum or Sween. I will be very interested to see what the first depth chart looks like here.

We will be fine with Darius Terry taking over the majority of snaps at RB. Terry had roughly 40 yards rushing on 7 or 8 carries. He had one nice run of 20 yards and punched it in the end zone twice. James Caraway looked decent as well. He didn't get as many reps as the other RB's, but he did well when he did get the ball. He also had one nice run of over 10 yards. James Davis was a bit of a disappointment. Never really got anything going at all. He did score one TD on a short run. Both Terry and Caraway appearred to catch the ball well and make a few people miss in space after catching it, especially Terry. Anthony Smith also had a nice 10 yard catch. I don't recall him getting any other touches besides his one catch. One good thing was that none of the RB's had any fumbles.

Both Travis Burkhalter and David Leonard looked solid. They both hauled in a couple of longer passes. I was expecting a bit more from Brandon Stewart, but he did have one catch for around 10 yards. Stewart also had a couple runs, one of which he broke for nearly 40 yards. He will be a big play threat. Zach Bolger also caught one ball and had a 5 yard gain on one run. Kaither Holliway only touched the ball once and lost a few yards on a run play. I don't recall him having any catches.

Both of the TD passes were to our TE's. Both Joe Evers and Orlando Arnold had a TD catch. I believe those two players also had another reception a piece. Jesson Salyards caught one ball for a small gain and Greg Genho also caught one ball although I don't think he gained any yards. I thought our TE's looked rather impressive.

Brian Hendricks was the guy with the pick on Barry. He looks to have great instincts in coverage for an inside linebacker. He could have his fair share of picks this year. Gabe Knapton also stood out at the LB spot. Our inside linebackers will be solid this year providing they stay healthy. Mitch Unrein looked like a beast on the D-line. He will be a load to handle this year for opposing offensive lines. I really liked the looks of Tashuan Gipson as well. He looks to have improved over last year and seems to have more confidence in his coverage skills. Chris Prosinski looked solid as well at FS and TJ Atwater looked pretty good at FS as well. Weston Johnson looked solid at an outside linebacker spot. Give Josh Biezuns some time to get comfortable at outside LB and this guy will be an animal. David James lookes to be a nice young player at CB. Jimmy DeAndrea, although undersized, can fill in at LB if needed.

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