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Thoughts on Sacrament State


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This will be one of the weaker DI teams we will play this year. They were picked to finish dead last in the Big Sky Conference by both the coaches and the media. They have a record of 1-8 coming into the game with us. I haven't seen anyone on their team who can take the game over. Their best player is probably a guard by the name of Leath. That said, it's my opinion that Ewing, Ogirri, and Muojeke are all much better basketball players than him. They also have a decent center by the name of Eller. He's only 6'8, so I don't anticipate us having nearly as much trouble with him as we did with the 7 footer from Northern Iowa. I've resigned myself to the fact that our defense is probably going to be a weak spot all year. I've been looking for improvement on defense, but I'm not sure we're playing any better defensively now than we were the very first game of the season. I do think the addition of Thiam substantially improved out interior defense. He had 3 blocks and 10 boards in only 27 minutes of action against Western State. I'm just not sure that's going to be enough to allow us to challenge for a conference title this year. It's very frustrating because all of the pieces are there on the offensive side of the ball and I was really hoping this team could send Brandon out as a conference champion. Playing high school basketball I always felt that defense was far less about talent and more about a player's heart and hunger. You don't need blazing speed, hops, quickness, or a huge bench press to play good defense. All you need is a mindset that that there is no fucking way that you will be scored on. Simple as that.
wyopokesfan23 said:
Did anyone go to the game? Did Linskens play aggressively? He had 5 blocks

Not really. He played better than most of the games I have seen this year, but the blocks were a matter of him holding both arms up and Sac State shooting right into him. The words Linskens and aggressive should never be used together. The guy is the most uncoordinated athlete I have ever seen. Thiam had some nice blocks though. This team has some very good young players in Thiam, Moujeke, Wadell, and Diakite.

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