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Thoughts on Benjamin


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Had a thought as I was reading the articles about ACS today. What if the plan is to move Benjamin to receiver? I think ACS deserves the starting nod, as the offense has operated best under him, and he gives us the best chance to win. But we obviously have a lack of speed and hands at the receiver positions, so is it a feasible option to move Benjamin to a receiver slot? He seems to have some speed, should know the routes and where ACS will be looking, and may have the hands to actually catch the ball...

Let me say that I have no idea if this is DC's plan or not, just a thought I had today and thought I'd throw it out there. What do we think, is that a possibility to provide one more option at receiver?

This topic has been discussed at length on this board. I would like to point out that most of the receivers on this team are converted QB's. Joe Glenn's specialty was recruiting option QB's to play WR, and it didn't work. Let it go. Benjamin is a QB. Period.
Woah there 1016. I'm not advocating anything, just had a thought today. Made sense to me, and I don't remember seeing the previous discussion. Though I admit I wasn't here that often this summer.

I agree that Benjamin is a QB, and was recruited as one. But if there's a benefit to the team moving him to a WR position, what's wrong with it? We've got QB's that can run the system. What we don't have are receivers with speed or hands, save one or two exceptions.

And if Glenn had a specialty, it was more in the PR/Piano playing department, not in the recruiting area, or we wouldn't be in the situation we are in.

I really thought he would have much more success against CU than he did. I thought he would consistently run and pass for first downs, keep the chains moving and score TDs. This was his worst game, but I wouldn't completely write him off yet. I appears the staff wants it to be a one man show now with ACS, but things happen and RB has only been here since August, more experience could make the difference if ever given another chance. I say play him wherever it gives us a chance, if he lines up at wideout, the D better respect trick plays and cover the whole field, it could help.
Benjiman can not be worse than what we have hell give it a shot u never know what could happen Carlyle Holiday started a whole season for Notre dame at QB and the next year he tore it up at reciever KR n PR sort of a kordell stewart Benjiman could be that
Jovon was a qb at Denver Manuel and was recruited as an 'athlete' by Vic. He was given a shot at qb during his first couple of weeks on campus but with Casey and Corey ahead of him, and both better passers, he moved to wr. The rest is history! If we think we could get anything near that from Benjamin, definitely give it a try.

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