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There are a lot of reasons to play ball in Laramie...

Cowboy Junky

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1. You're testing yourself at the highest altitude in college sports. There's a reason why Olympic atheletes train at high altitude. It gives you legs late in the fourth qaurter, and it challenges you.

2. Good teams rarely loose in Wyoming.

3. The conference tournament is in Vegas and Wyoming brings 10,000 fans to that event when we're playing well. Wyoming travels extremely well for basketball.

4. When you're winning 15,000 maniacs turn the AA into this...


Listen to the crowd towards the end of this clip. You don't find many environments, on any level, that are as loud as the AA.


This is our crowd for a women's game...


This is from the nose bleed section of a women's game...

The last eight seasons have slowly sucked the life from our fanbase. And Poke fans are some of the least bandwagonish on the planet.

Knowing how we can pack the AA when we're playing even marginally well, not to mention championship caliber, has made it so disheartening watching the crowds dwindle every year.

The extra leg room and a coat seat or two have been really nice, but I'd make the sacrifice in a moments notice to be wedged in my seat again with my eardrums throbbing and an elbow in the back of the head from the poke faithful surrounding me.

Let the fun begin!
Or this:
(sorry if this has been posted, just can't get enough)

The AA will be renovated with boxes, scoreboards, meeting rooms, basketball offices....It's going to be modernized and it's going to be done before anyone from the class of 2012 graduates. In fact, it's supposed to be done by 2014, so the new guys will get a couple of years with sweet facilities.

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