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The Pokes :(


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I haven't been to a game since very early in the season as I have been out in Cali, and this season is certainly a little disappointing.

But what I'm really noticing from this board, is that there are two widening classes of Cowboy fans. I can tell from many of the posts on here that most of you must have been fans since quite a while ago. When I started school at UW I was a major Poke fan having grown up in Laramie. In the 10-15 years I can remember prior to starting school, Wyoming athletics were a big deal. Obviously not on a national level, but in Wyoming, and especially Laramie, Brown and Gold were huge.

I saw this in the students at UW my freshman year. Students are WAY more disinterested now, and probably for good reason. There is nothing to be excited about anymore. Not only are most of the teams struggling in general, home games are a joke now! The student section is only half full on game days in the Fall because its still the best thing to do drunk before the sun goes down. Nobody really even shows up to watch the games anymore, because everyone knows they'll be at the Library by halftime for good.

I can't remember the last time I truly enjoyed a Men's Bball game at the AA, and thats scary. Even the CSU/Utah/and BYU home games draw around 5-7 K these days. That's absolutely pathetic.

The athletics department has time when it comes to the football team. There is so much history there, and so much behind "Game day at the War"... those things will keep the boat afloat until things are straightened out competitively... but the basketball program is in TROUBLE. Things have been bad or terrible for well over a decade now, and people are beginning to simply not care anymore.

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