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The "brains" say we go 3 & 9?


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I guess it is better they say that (at this point), than to say we go 9 & 3.

But I guarantee it right now, we will be closer to 9 & 3 than 3 & 9 when the season ends on 12/2/11.

And all this shit about the O line...wait until mid August and you will see then what you can't now...a decent, physical, conditioned unit, better than the last few years.
I have to agree. There are a lot of preseason prognastication that aren't giving the Pokes much of a chance. I'm guessing it is all based on ACS leaving. But, the defense will be solid and deep. We were very thin along the Dline last year and this year we have beef and experience. Linebacker too. Even with the departures in the secondary, I believe some of DC's recruits (Huff, Browder, both Lukes, etc) are all going to be good.

There is a video of the last scrimmage on coachchristensen.com that shows some of what Smith can do. There isn't much video to go on, but it looks like the kid can run the spread.

7-5 or better in my opinion.

Go Pokes!
It is always best to guess opposite of CFN predictions. I have a hard time believing CSU will beat us. We should beat new mexico (no fumbles going into the endzone this time), We get UNLV at home right? That is 3 wins right there and we should at least get 3 in the OOC schedule.

At worst we end up with 5 wins, at best we end up with 8(not including a bowl game). I predict 7 and another NM bowl win. making it an 8 win year
To me, 9 & 3 is a bit of a reach, and man, I hope I'm wrong....but if I had to bet, I'd probably hope for a 6 & 6, and be damn happy about it... :whistle: :whistle: AP

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