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Texas to the Pac10


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ESPN says it's imminent.

The departure of Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the Pac-10 is imminent, four sources within the Big 12 said Monday.

One source said commissioner Dan Beebe's last-minute plan to save the conference has "zero" chance to succeed. Another source said it is "very unlikely" to succeed.
Give it 20 minutes, and some board (s), espn, and whoever else will have an update for something different. This whole realignment and expansion craziness has made me realize why I could never work for something like espn, because I would totally post some headline like "Surprise Move: Texas to Sun Belt, Oklahoma to WAC, TTech to MWC, OKst to IVY League," followed by the sub headline "Kansas, KState, Iowa State, Mizzou, Baylor to schedule death match between each other, the surviving school... still winds up in MWC." But that's just me. This is just one of those times it would be sooo easy to mess with people with a headline like that. Probably just less dramatic and believable though.
And now.. they may not be. From the New York Times Twitter:
Big 12 AD confirms to the NY Times that Texas is on cusp of committing to Big 12. He said, "The musical chairs will stop."

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