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team looked good at times tonight but.....


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we have to get a lot more (or less) out of Muojeke. 4-14 from the field with 9 turnovers!? He's trying to do too much.
A tale of two halves. Hopefuly the Pokes learned they can compete with the top teams. They just need to be ready for adjustments that their opponents make.

Muojeke got the Cowboy Low award tonight. So many bad shots and turnovers.

Recap: http://cowboyaltitude.blogspot.com/2009/12/cowboys-compete-but-cant-outlast-vols.html
Until this team moves from "putrid" to even "below average" from outside we're going to struggle. Our best 3 pt. shooters are both at 30%. As a team we're something like 20%. That is freaking terrible. Every half court possession we had against Tennessee it seemed like all five of their players had a foot in the key at all times.
By the way, it's worth pointing out that Heath did a good job adjusting to the press in this game, so credit where credit is due. There was a stretch midway through the first half when we were having a terrible time even getting the ball inbounds and he took a time out. After that he brought Sylla up the court to give the inbounder a big target and we played from there, and the press wasn't much of a factor the rest of the game. Most of our turnovers came in the half court, losing the ball in massive traffic because we couldn't stretch their defense at all.

(only time I'll have anything to say that's based on actually watching the team play since I can't get DirectTV through all of these trees around my house)
If we still had Ogirri...this would be a much much better team as teams would actually have to respect us beyond the arc. Dermody is apparently our best shooter, but damn it seems like every game he has an airball and that is just crazy for a D1 game.

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