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Starting RB?


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Who looks to be next in line at RB now that Wynel and Devin are gone? Darius Terry? James Davis?
J-Rod said:
Who looks to be next in line at RB now that Wynel and Devin are gone? Darius Terry? James Davis?

Yes. Both of them. Terry will probably get the start, but expect Davis to get plenty of reps as well. The bad thing is, when you spread 5 out wide, and 5 in blocking, the RB isn't a factor. We may possibly see quite a bit of that.

I could see it haunt the future of Wyoming football...just like when Dismal & Vic eliminated the big roll of the TE on the field...it took UW years to get that back under Joe Glenn.
That can go either way. I agree that a typical NFL style back becomes less of a factor in DC's spread offense (assuming its run similar to how they were doing things at Missouri) however last season Missouri still averaged 153 rushing yards per game, with Derrick Washington averaging 75 yards per game. So we still do need a running back. The difference is the style of back you want, guys that can pound it up the middle probably won't have the success. Reggie Bush is the perfect example of an RB that can excel in a spread offense. Just my guess but I would expect to see us recruit more RB's with speed, moves, and the ability to catch the ball than big bruisers under the DC era.
I've been rather impressed with what I have seen out of Darius Terry. He is a shifty, agile back that I think is going to fit in nicely in our spread offense. James Davis has disappointed me a bit. He runs really high. He will get lit up if he keeps running like that. I really believe Terry would have seen much more playing time already had he not been on the same team as DMo and Wynel. He will probably get most of the reps on actual run plays or plays designed to be thrown to the RB. I haven't really watched either Terry or Davis block, so I'm not sure which back DC will decide to use more when the RB stays in to block.

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