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Sphincter Boy EPS was right all season long!


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After reading all his posts all season long and now that the season is over I took a serious look at the facts and now I realize Sphincter boy was right about Glenn and I can prove it.
In glenns six years Wyoming went 15-31 in conference, and four of those wins were on the road!
In 2004 we got the first road win in overtime against a great UNLV team that was 2-9 that season.
in 2005 we got road win number two against an Air Force team that was 4-7 that season.
in 2006 we got road win number three and four against a stellar 2-10 UNLV team and a 7-6 New Mexico team (seventh win was a Bowl game). So one road win against a team with a wining record!
The eleven home wins went like this,
2003 4-8 BYU, 7-6 CSU
2004 5-6 Air Force, 4-7 SDSU
2005 2-9 UNLV
2006 3-9 SDSU, 8-5 Utah, 4-8 CSU
2007 2-10 UNLV, 8-5 TCU
2008 2-10 SDSU
So in six years we had a spectacular four wins against conference teams with a winning record 7-6 CSU , 8-5 TCU, 8-5 Utah and 7-6 New Mexico!
So even though Christenson has as many conference home wins as glenn did in his first year and as many conference road wins as Glenn had in his first two years Sphincter Boy is right by firing Glenn Wyoming gave up any chance of wining a national championship! :) ;) :( :o :? :tickedoff: :twisted: :roll: :!: :thumbdown: :thumb: :brick: :popcorn: :cry: :ugeek:

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