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Some questions


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Overall I liked the offense I saw. Considering we played 2 QB's who had never played D1 before, new coaches, and new system I was impressed. A few miscues on the OLINE and QB play cost us 14 points but it is a new system so that is not unexpected. My question is Why in the 4th quarter we simply went to the run so heavy and shut down the rest of the O? It almost seemed we thought the game was in the bag and did not want to show any more of the O to texas or whomever on film.

On D I loved the first half, minus the two long passes that led to a TD but that was a screwup. I don't think the entire 4th quarter we ever rushed more than 3 players and the LB's and corners were 8 - 10 yards off the ball every play. Higgins is good enough that, given time, he will pick a prevent D apart and we played a prevent D the entire 4th quarter and showed no aggression at all. Why did the coaches take us into the prevent D when we had basically shut them down with a more aggressive rush most of the game? WHY?

Punt and kickoff coverage still sucks and you can see we are at least one maybe two more recruiting classes away from having the depth and type of athletes on the team we need to compete for MWC titles.

Overall I enjoyed the game and you can see the progress in the product and that is what I really wanted to see. If we replayed this game at mid season the pokes win by 40.


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