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So, where are all the fair weather girls bball fans?


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So, where are all the hypocritical, fair-weather girls basketball fans this year? Not at the games, that's for sure. And they sure as hell won't be in Las Vegas this weekend.

Sorry, but that shit pisses me off. Especially when, a couple of years ago, every place I went I'd have someone in my face asking me if I were going to the girls game. They'd ask me this because they knew I, at the time, was season ticket holder in both football and men's bball. I'd then be told I wasn't a true Wyoming fan because I didn't attend the girls games. Bullshit. I don't go to the track meets either. I wrestled in high school, but never attended a wrestling match at Wyoming. Get my point?

Ironically, the people (mostly women) who were giving me a hard time are the ones who truly aren't Wyoming fans, as they'd never been to a game prior (men's or women's) and never will again (unless the Cowgirls make a resurgence sometime in the next two decades).

Rant over.

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