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Not quite as mediocre as people have said they are taking it to TCU right now pretty surprised BSU could easily move into 3rd with todays showing from TCU.
MrTitleist said:
SDSU > Idaho

True. But Notre Dame hammering Utah had more barring on TCU this week than their game with the Aztecs. I can see Boise jumping TCU.
Ya I can definitely see BSU jumping for 2 reasons, They beat TCU last year in the bowl game and they beat Oregon last year those two things will be reason enough for people to say TCU is overrated and BSU to jump that and the fact Utah lol talk about embarrassed.
I might be mistaken, but I think the MWC gets the numbers for bcs evaluation from BSU this year - same as TCU. Problem is, the MWC will not get the bcs bowl money like we would from TCU.

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