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SDSU is gonna bring it...


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They are 1 & 7, sure, but they are going to bring it tomarrow. And not just because Joe gave them some lip-service, in the form of "at least we are playing somebody we can beat" referring to SDSU. Their coach was publicly told he would be around next season, and his players LOVE him. They are trying to start next season RIGHT NOW, and finish strong.
I would expect them to bring it. I would also expect the Pokes to bring it. The season is realistically over, but the players should still show some pride and give everything they have. It is a winnable game, if we lose this one moral will drop to to an all time low.
I suspect you're right. As you said, SDSU is probably starting next year right now. And this is a game they know they can win, and a conference road win would do a lot for moral on their team. Something they can really build on. On our side, this is also a game we know we can win. But do the Pokes have the motivation to really play hard? Hopefully the offense will have a spark after seeing some success last week. Too bad we wont have Karsten, but Stutz will bring his own spark. I think playing well early in the game will be the key for both teams. Getting some confidence that you can build on, as opposed to some early mistakes that cause the team to just fold. I think the Pokes will win, but they've got to earn it. The defense has to dig in like this game is for a conferene title.

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