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Scrimmage tomorrow

I wouldn't be surprised if the fouls on the offense are false starts on the O-line again. They REALLY need to work on that.
Man, our offense is in trouble. This is the worst O-line I have seen in the last decade (and that's saying something).
I hope the O-line settles down a bit when the injured return in the fall but it makes ya nervous. the depth there appears to be very thin to say the least.
MrTitleist said:
Worse than last year's OL?

It definitely appears that way to me. The run blocking was mediocre, but the pass blocking was down right terrible. The QB's had absolutely no time to throw. If there wasn't a receiver open immediately, there were defenders in the backfield. Maybe the worst part was that the O-line struggled with pass blocking even when the defense only rushed the 4 D-linemen. I wish I could convince myself that our D-linemen are just that good, but I don't think that is the case.

That being said, there was one positive...I REALLY liked the looks of Kongo. He is a very, very good RB.

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