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Schroyer, Schroyer, Schroyer


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Here is a gem of a quote:

"You know, I'm excited about, you know,
the future. We got to address a few needs. We
will do that.
But, you know, I think that we got to get
our guys healthy, and we'll do that. And then this
group's going to be together for quite a while. I
think it's a great experience for them. I think they
learned a lot, not only today, but I think this year.
You know, guys, we just played so many guys first
year of playing. Now is the first time playing in a
tournament setting.
So I'm excited. I hate to lose. But as soon
as I leave this table and get on the bus, get on the
plane, we're thinking about next year and getting
ready to go."

Really Heath? A "few" needs? Is it truly great that this group will be together for quite a while? They ripped it up this year. You're excited? About what exactly?

Depending on the cupcakes that they can find to play in non-conference and the current upswing in the league (with really young players pretty much top to bottom in the conference), I say we may get 5 or 10 wins next year. I'll put the average attendance at about 4,000 - with the total number of actual people in the stands at around 2,500 to 3,000.

I see absolutely no reason to have any hope of anything good coming anytime soon...except for the next Cowgirl game.

PATHETIC. Abso-freeginlutely pathetic.

Schroyers "you knows" are more irritating than Macs "and agains".
It's official...Schroyer is the Koening of basketball. We are going to sink into an abyss that is going to bring Tommy boy down.

Its so horrible to sit and watch a game and everyone makes a comment to the effect of "you know we have some guys who could really be great players if only they had a coach who could actually teach them something"
“As soon as I leave this table,” UW coach Heath Schroyer said when asked how quickly he’d try to forget his third season at the helm.

George Santana: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

Words to Heath: Play the films of this season's games over and over. Study them. Have your assistants study them. Agonize over what went wrong. THEN figure out what to do next year. DON'T forget this season. None of the fans will.

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