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Report from Spring Scrum from Cowboy Blitz


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Here's the analysis of the first spring scrimmage through the eyes of Cowboy Blitz editor and WyoNation contributer cbeditor. He's got some good thoughts on the subject, have a gander.


Just some of my thoughts from the Pokes' first spring scrimmage today...

I thought the starting offensive line looked good today. They were opening up some pretty sizable holes against the defense. I wasn't impressed with the way the running backs held onto the ball, but some of the fumbles were ground-caused, I think, and D-Mo looks every bit as fast as he did last year. I think Wynel looks more physical, too. He was knocking down linebackers and running over people. If both he and D-Mo stay healthy this year, I think our running game is going to be super good.

Karsten threw one touchdown pass late in the scrimmage. I think it was with the second team. Dax threw two, back-to-back, but he was playing with the third-team offense going against the third-team defense. His long throws were beautiful, though, and he's got arguably the best deep ball of any of the four quarterbacks.

My guess is that the coaches will shake the depth chart up at QB next week. Glenn said after practice that he thought Dax did some things that none of the other quarterbacks did. He also said Stutz looked slow and Hetrick needs to stop running around so much and make more throws. I'm thinking that Crum will pass Ian on the depth chart next week.

I think the Spring Game could mean a lot for the quarterback battle, but Glenn said he expects the competition to stay open until about a week before the season opener.

I saw freshman QB Adam Barry at the scrimmage today, and I was super-impressed with his size. You can really tell he's been in the weight room. He looked like a linebacker. His dad said he's benching 335 already and is going to try to pass Sween's 350 mark by the time he gets here.

We should have a story about Barry coming out in the next day or two.

At the WR position today, they had Chris Johnson and Travis Burkhalter playing with the first team on the outside, and they had Brandon Stewart playing with the first team in the slot. David Leonard is battling for that position with Stewart, and Donate Morgan, I think, is battling with Burkhalter for the starting spot at the "Z" (outside). I'm not sure where Bolling fits into the thing, and Johnson didn't know either when I talked to him. It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out, but I definitely think we've got more talent at WR than a lot of people thought we would coming into this year. I was even impressed with some of the third-team guys (Holiway and Bolger each caught long TD passes), but they probably don't have the speed of the first unit.

Defensively, Marcell Gipson has impressed me all spring, and he looked good today. He nearly picked off a pass from Sween midway through practice, and Sween called it "a good pass." I think as long as he can keep his grades up and works hard in the offseason, he should have one of the CB spots locked down.

The d-line still looks good, and John Fletcher is an absolute monster.

And for the most part, I thought the first-team secondary did an excellent job today. The run defense didn't look quite as sharp against the first team, but that may be because the Pokes have so much talent returning in their running game.

Anyway, that's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Anybody else who made it out to the scrimmage today, I'd love to hear what you thought.

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