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Reasons for real excitement!


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The closer we get to September 1st, the more and more it seems Wyoming has a real shot at big things in 07-08. I just recently learned Cockhill and Glenn have installed a much more open, agressive, and pass heavy offense this off season. This information comes after much talk recently about the sudden emergence of Greg Bohling and freshman David Leonard. Also it seems Ian Hentrick could be a solid #2 at QB. Nothing is a guarantee in spring and fall practices and scrimmages, but It really seems to me the only X factor for this squad is both lines. If Sween comes to a point many hope and suspect he should by this season, and our WR's are as deep as the coaches claim, the only remaining question would be will Sween be on his feet? We know we have 2, maybe 3-4 highly talented backs, but then comes the yearly question... Will there be holes? The emergence of an offensive line could dictate outcomes as wide as 5-7 to 10-2. The "pretty boys" as Glenn calls them, look better then any Wyoming has had in 8-10 years. Marsh, Bolling, and potentially Buckhalter give us three solid deep threats. While Ford is arguably the best possession reciever in the MWC. Seldon is a very talented all around back, but more importantly provides power inside the 20, and power to punish defenses and move the chains in the 4th quarter if we have the lead. This brings me to Devin Moore. Possibly the key to this season. This kid, just a junior, I think has the potential to be Wyoming's Marshall Faulk or Reggie Bush. No, Im not saying he is that talented. But in this conference, he has the skill to be the kind of guy we get as many touches as possible, and could get 100 and 100 every game.

The theme is the same on defense. Our linebacker baring injury should be the best in the MWC. And deep to boot. Corner is solid. Maybe not outstanding, but solid. Safety is probably just 1 years worth of experience behind our corners. Again defensive line is the X factor. From the rumors, John Fletcher is solid, and will probably dominate after mid season. But nothing can be said for the ends, and Im concerned Fletcher will struggle to hold the point of attack, to allow the linebackers to make plays. He's not too big a fella.

I guess September 1st will be the first chance to see, but I cant wait.
I'm curious to see what a new, wide open pass oriented offense looks like. I know when Joe Glenn was at Montana he had a QB throwing for 3000+ yards with quite a few TDs the year the Griz won a national championship. Suppose anything like that is possible with Glenn's new'ish system?

I'm excited. Go Pokes!

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