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pull muojeke please


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he is out of control every time down the floor, and throws up an off balace prayer, or turns it over. Put someone else in.
pretty terrible half: mojeke-out of control, ewing-nonfactor, oggiri-started well but has taken several shots 4-5 feet behind the 3 point line, johnson-first field goal with 46 seconds left in the half, waddell-pretty good half

can't even get our last shot off when we wait to shoot it, we just let the time run out.
langford for tcu seems to be their whole team. He hass 22 of their 47 points. We just need to find a way to shut him down.
Much better effort in the second half. However, how many buckets do we give up after playing good defense for 30 seconds or more. We get the shot clock running down and we over rotate leaving someone wide open.

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