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PTS: UW vs Ceeew


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The dirty hippies have their backs against the wall. Starting 0 & 2 probably makes it a tougher game for UW than starting 2 & 0. I think Ceeew will play uptight, implode, the fans will turn on them, and UW will walk away winners by 13 (although the game won't be as close as the score).

Final UW 35 Ceeew 22

The Wyoming offense finally awakens...
I would hope for Fletcher to set the tone early. If he can break free and pop Hawkins (I'm meaning the son here, but I wouldn't mind if he could get Daddy Hawk someway also) a few times early, I could see Jr. getting real skittish, real quick. I'm thinking Pokes prevail, 28-16.
The offense really needs to do something this week. CU's defense has been incredibly porous against the run and pass. I really believe this game will tell us what to expect the rest of the season. I think we win if we put up 24 points. They are a program in total disarray right now. Cody Hawkins is not really a D1 caliber qb. They don't have speed at receiver ( kind of like us) but they have a good rb.

I only hope and pray that the offense shows us something this week. A win in Boulder would really help recruiting on the front range.
You want to smash Hawkins around, but you DON'T want him to get hurt. That would bring in Hansen and give the Bluffs a whole new look that could surprise the Pokes.
Wyo: 24 CU:10
Wyoming gets there 3rd straight block of some sort the D gives up a late touchdown and Bollings plays out of his mind... Go Pokes
gopokes1399 said:
also is Cody Hawkins playing? didnt he get a concussion?

Yes to both questions.

BTW, My prediction....

Wyoming 21,
Colorado 10.

Makes up for the two losses to the Buffs in 1991 and in 1997.
Our best WR is returning this week. But so is theirs. And also their best runner, Stewart, is returning. If you have ever seen him, you know he is special. So expect a strengthened Bluff team this Saturday.
They will come out and play hard but that doesnt take away the fact that their team is not very good against CSU they couldnt pressure the QB and couldnt stop the run
If you;re in the Denver area, you can't escape those damn CU commercials talking about their great comeback against Wyoming in 1997. It's really really annoying.

So, to be especially cruel, I'm going 20-19 Wyoming.
UW still has a ways to go offensively, but I think they pull this one out.

UW - 20
CU - 17

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