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Please oh Please


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I certainly hope that no one puts up an "open letter" to anyone. I was trolling (I admit it) and have seen a couple "open letters" to Glenn and now DC. Frick...how truely retarded. And if you do, for gods sake, please spell his name correctly. Its DAVE, lol, not Dennis. Honestly? Really? Are you kidding me? If a HC is reading one of these stupid boards, he really has no business being a head coach. Frick. I laugh so dam hard reading that crap. I am so glad for this board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More ridiculous than that IMO is a thread (from a wyoming poster) about how we were wrong for hiring a white coach. As if color of skin should have anything to do with hiring the best coach...
No doubt. WTH was all that about. I liked Gill as well, but I think we got a better hire. Why should we hire someone just because they are black? Wow, that guy was off the deep end. OPEN LETTER to Gill Turner...LOL>...

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