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Part 2


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ok now we do Miss Afam a ton.. he shouldnt have played sat as he couldnt even move that well.. Davis has become /learning to be the go to guy with him out. This could help us more in the future. Davis also like Waddel works his butt off.. shoots the FT very well but I dont see him being consistant from the 3.. But he needs to be in a LOT of the game..

Thaim need to get a bit more consistant.. but he should be in 35 min a game.. works very hard and has pretty good moves. shot 1 3 and he doesnt need to do that again.. :) Plays great D so far out as he seems to be out on top a lot during our press...

Derm.. Derm.. Derm.. dude is a senior.. a step behind his man on D ALWAYS.. and is missing some of the shots by a mile (maybe even 2).. hes a head case.. is hurting this team.. on both sides.. use to play harder so it seems, crashing the boards, but doesnt do that anymore??.. sorry bud but in my opinion you need to be down by the water.. not sure why coach is in love with him???

Harrison/manzano.. hummmm not sure what to say on these guys other than they should get small playing time unless they are on or something.. dont seem to add that much to us..didnt watch them AS MUCH..

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