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One thing about last nights UW vs. CSewe game...


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That pissed me off to a new level...

MBaye just had a tip-in...yelled yee-haw (or whatever), flexed his skinny guns, and was given a "T" by the pathetic excuse for a ref. Now the part that just kills me...

Dumbass Heath, pulled MBaye out of the game, and proceeded to belittle the living shit out of him (ON TV) for probably a good solid minute (60 seconds of garbage). Fred basically had to separate them, and gave MBaye a "tug" to the bench to have a seat.

I get the discipline thing...but if Heath were any kind of MAN (let alone coach) he should have treated this situation entirely different. Maybe side with MBaye for the lousy call? Maybe a quick, "Hey Amath, You Can't Do That Stuff Man!" Something, other than what he did.

I feel for MBaye. He was done for the night after that. He lost all his momentum, and desire, thanks to his coach. If that isn't (more) grounds to kick Heath's ass out of Wyoming, I don't know what is.
It pretty much sums up why several players have left the program. He is a pile of garbage that needs to be set on fire
Coaches come, coaches go. Some for good, some for bad. So be it. But the kids that choose to come to UW, and put in the time to perform and get a degree (let alone wearing Steamboat & the brown and gold) are what it is all about. That is why UW exsists anyway.
Appears Gag's has Heath's back...article in the paper today (quoted below) stated that this situation was basically no big deal, and that MBaye is "fine". Whatever.


Sophomore forward Amath M'Baye picked up his fourth technical foul of the season in the second half against CSU.

The foul came early in the half and M'Baye wasn't much of a factor after that. He finished with four points and six rebounds.

"I don't really care on a personal level, but I hurt my team, and every time I do something to hurt my team, I don't feel very good about it," M'Baye said. "It resulted in points for the other team, and it was a close game at the time."

The technical came after M'Baye tipped in a missed shot and cut CSU's lead to 44-43. The Rams scored three straight points after the technical.

Schroyer said M'Baye responded well to the tongue lashing he gave him during the game, and he added that M'Baye's attitude and demeanor has been fine since then.

"Amath has to play well for us to have success," Schroyer said. "He's a very emotional player and sometimes his emotions get the best of him.

"But he does play with passion and it matters to him, which is a really good thing."}"

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